SUMMER CAMP 2018.jpeg

This year HSM is headed to Island Lake August 1st-4th for Summer Camp 2018. Island Lake is a fun location with many actives including lakefront actives, dirt-biking, ropes course, paint balling, archery, and more! This will be great time for students to build life-long friendships, connect with leaders, and grow in their relationship with God. If you have any other questions, email jordanc@timberlakechurch 

All Inclusive Price - $370



Check-in will begin at 12:30pm on Wednesday August 1st at Timberlake Church - Redmond Campus. At that time we will load the student’s luggage, get them their camp shirts and bags, give them the room assignments and booklets, and load up the buses for our trip to Island Lake! We are to arrive at Island lake around 4pm for lunch… on Saturday, August 4th, we are planning on departing Island Lake before 10am. This will put us back at Timberlake Church - Redmond Campus around 1:00pm on Saturday August 4th. Please be there by that time to pick up your student near the HSM entrance. If there is a delay in any way, I will be sure to email you and give you an update.



We will be staying at Island Lake in Polsbou, WA. So be sure your student brings the following items with them:

- Clothes for 4 Days

- Team Color Clothes for Team Comps

- Appropriate Swimwear

- Sunscreen

- Sleeping Bag/Pillow

- 2 Towels

- Athletic Clothing

- Athletic Shoes

- Bible and Pen

- Needed Toiletries and Medicine



Red Team:

-  Sophomore Guys

- Freshman Girls

Blue team: 

- Junior Guys

- Sophomore Girls

Yellow team:

- Freshman Guys

-Senior Girls

Green team

- Senior Guys

- Junior Girls



Lastly, food is provided by Island Lake camps. If your student has a specific meal plan (vegitarian, gluten free, vegan, etc…) or food allergy. Please just email  ( so that I can make sure my team plans accordingly for your student. 


Again, I am so excited for HSM Summer Camp and can’t wait to hear stories of the life-change God brings IN and THROUGH our high schoolers in the coming weeks! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!