Up Week

Up Week is a fun event for students transitioning from 5th grade into 6th grade and 8th grade into 9th grade to be a part of MSM or HSM services for the very first time. This weekend is a great chance for students to meet their new pastor, leader, and peers.

High School Missions Trip

We are pleased to announce Timberlake Church's very first Student Mission's Trip to San Francisco. Only current 9th-12th graders will be allowed to go on this trip. We will be partnering with Sozo Church ( www.sozo.co ) July 12-16 by serving their immediate community leading up to their weekend services.

Middle School Summer Camp

Middle School will be heading to Island Lake Camp for Summer Camp 2019. Middle School Summer Camp is guaranteed to be the highlight of the summer for so many reason; friends, sun, food, paint balling, dirt biking, swimming and quality time with the worlds coolest camp leaders!

High School Summer Camp

This year HSM is headed to Island Lake Summer Camp 2019. Island Lake is a fun location with many actives including lakefront actives, dirt-biking, ropes course, paint balling, archery, and more! This will be great time for students to build life-long friendships, connect with leaders, and grow in their relationship with God.